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The Nightside

The Nightside is our friend, Monica Guzman’s monthly show. You can hear more about it in our interview with Monica for our Passing Notes issue.

This month The Nightside will be hosted by Sri Syadasti.
Scout & Birdie’s own founder, editor, and co-host, Jennifer Kiehl, will be performing a sneak peek of her piece for upcoming issue, Breathe. It will also feature Jeff Schaffer, who you’ll recognize from our last issue, The Witching Hour, as well as Tarnynon Onumonu, who is in our next issue, Breathe.

Hope to see you there!

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7:30 PM19:30

The Election Monologues

On Inauguration Day in the United States, an event of resistance and unity will take place in 14 cities across the country, bringing together people of all ages, colors and political dispositions to share their personal stories about the 2016 election. The Election Monologues will take place in theaters and public spaces throughout America, where groups of 6-10 people will share monologues about how the election has affected them.

Scout & Birdie will be performing in Chicago's Election Monologues. The event is co-facilitated by local performing artists Eileen Tull and Ada Cheng.

For more information check out this Facebook event page:


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