Scout & Birdie
Scout & Birdie

What is Scout & Birdie?

Scout & Birdie is an online literary magazine & podcast. As artists, it's easy to get isolated sitting in a room, attempting to make art out of your feelings, so we created a place to collaborate! The purpose of Scout & Birdie is to create a space that is no muss, no fuss—a judgement free zone that nourishes artists, so they can share and grow.


Who are Scout & Birdie?

Scout & Birdie was created by Jennifer Kiehl and Anna Wolfe. They’re two besties who met on August 26th, 2014 in Solo Performance class at Columbia College. Since then, they’ve been writing and performing and bouncing everything off each other!

Scout & Birdie features a different team of artists for each issue, you can learn more about them on our Meet the Artists page.


Where’d the name Scout & Birdie come from?

Scout & Birdie are Jen and Anna’s childhood nicknames! We’ll let you guess who is who!