Scout & Birdie
Scout & Birdie


                  cast to granny past
                   grasp clean crisp n rotting
                     on carpet technicolor,
                  ripped rugged cloth static,
                   hum of scold
                      you barely catch it
                              see, ben was like
              6ish, the moon under his
                           baby skin
                            a brother doesn’t hear
                        such violent crack at that
                                               age like femur bones
                                     splitting or horses hooves
                                  clap to the sidewalks,
                                          only n pictures or
                                                movies-foley artists,
                                                            never direct.
                              see, ben has that willing spirit
                                       to lay what isn’t needed n
                                                        front of the tv like
                                                        forgetting yourself n to
                                                                 a prayer n to n offering
                                                             to a god whether it be elmo or
                                                            remy or wall-e
                                           I sense the past
                                    I don’t remember it,
                                      taste it, or smell it                lay the Apple core on my mouth-
                     I’ll get the bite of it

an and in

                            n, n notice lack of apostrophe
                                   if it can be stomached
                            n hold tight-this is glue,
                                  this is stuck between
                          bit between you see that back there
                              n this upcoming, from behind
                            we notice the horse n then
                                 gone n then glue n then you
                                  ice n nice n walking up stairwell after stairwell-hope hall lengthens neck to head-stairs are helping
      take themselves up-haven’t come back to ice because no melting, n this no melting, even if chewed,
        even if ground n smashed n warmed-hope n the chewing, teeth become a food-hope n the chewing
         my teeth moisten n grow n wilt n fall off crimson gum stalk n grow again-eternal food-mouth is n
                                                            abundant harvest-please, ice, freeze n abundant harvest for winter.




About the artist...

Danny Turek is an actor/playwright/poet originally from Columbus, Ohio. He has worked with theatres throughout central Ohio and has begun working in Chicago at places like The Passage Theatre, Waltzing Mechanics, and The Neighborhood. He writes poetry also.