Scout & Birdie
Scout & Birdie

This world moves so fast, 
I'm scared to slow down,
To pick up the pieces of 
Me from the ground.
My head won't stop swelling.
My eyes lose their shine.
This dream I keep having
Is more yours than its mine.

Stood on the bridges
That lead to the sea.
Playing with matches that
You gave me to me.
Burned all your bibles,
And best crooked lies.
Carved your name on a pew,
And "Amen" on my eyes.

And you keep pretending
That I've gone away.
Shut up your windows
To keep out the day.
And you just pay tributes,
Like parking lot fares,
With the change in your pocket,
And half-uttered prayers.

I'm here writing hymnals
To vestigial gods.
Dreaming up rhyme schemes
To cover my frauds,
To build us a home,
That we'll never leave,
No snakes in the grass,
No Adam or Eve.

And if you don't meet me on
Some golden shore,
Rest your heart easy.
You couldn't do more.
I'm older and colder,
And nobody's fool,
With the maids drawing water
From Solomon's pool.

And when you fall faster than
Stars from their peaks,
And turn to the pages that
No tongue can speak,
I'll write in the margins,
A sweet little tune:
"Throw open the windows,
I'm coming home soon."


About the artist...

Levi Shrader is a playwright, musician, actor and educator living and working in Chicago. He has been seen previously in productions with (re)discover theatre co. and the Barrens Theatre Co., the curated art show the Sh*thole, and various music venues around the city. When not writing or performing, Levi is a first-grade teacher.