Scout & Birdie
Scout & Birdie

I am painfully introverted, so when you see me, know that it took a lot of internal work to get me show up

I am a social entrepreneur and professionally design products and services to benefit people in need

I am a genius on paper, but cannot operate most of my remote controls in my house

I am talented, and it took way too long to acknowledge my own truth

I am a lover of music and hope to work with Dwele one day soon

I am an artist, but support many other artists across disciplines

I am a good friend, but had to learn balanced expectations

I am pretty funny if you take the time and get to know me

I am a sensual creature, comfortable with nakedness, who dwells in a constant state of desire

I am a supreme kisser and fan of beautiful lips

I am more animal than human, connected to the push and pull of the universe and responsive to the calls of the wild

I am polyglotism wrapped in a vocal accent prompting the question, "where you from?"

I am a thinker and a feeler so I score well on emotional intelligence tests

I am oft times too ambitious for my peers leaving me alone with lofty dreams

I am a kite flyer and wish I had wings

I am compassionate and give all of me away all the time

I am general and specific in synergy, which confuses most people

I am foresight squared and hindsight deficit

I am deeply rooted in the yellow chakra and it's my favorite color

I am third eye aware and know the ancestors speak through me

I am afraid of horror movies and have nightmares from time to time

I am clumsy and have fallen down several different flights of stairs without serious injury

I am humble not by ego sake, but from making mistakes

I am Black and Brown and Irish, but I don't ever talk about the Irish side

I am an intensive lover not a fighter, but those who fight me typically lose

I am human and subject to human conditioning just like you, so my forgiveness pot is plentiful

I am all woman, full of strength and independence, but enjoy occupying a service and support role for my mate

I am not a cryer, but as of recent my tears have been abundant and full of purpose

I am a writer and try to paint my words with all 200 Crayola crayon colors

I am unapologetically a Daddy's Girl

I am a dancer, although I hardly dance these days and feel empty because of it

I am a walking billboard for body art and how it's placement enhances one's physical presence

I am a mother, but haven't given birth and have struggled with my own worth

I am certain that if I created the world, racism and rape wouldn't exist along with all the other ism's on my list

I am a nomadic wanderlust, never feeling settled unless I am somewhere else, but always thinking about the next place

I am communicatively romantic and believe it's absence in modern day relationships contributes to its failure

I am a complex ball of kinetic energy dusted with #BlackGirlMagic that glows in the dark and provides guidance

I am fairly hyper-active and need to sit down sometimes

I am a better sleeper when someone sleeps next to me

I am too much for me sometimes and take oaths of silence

I am everything I've ever wanted to be and more

I am...


About the author…

Kai Love is a PhD, writer, podcaster, small business owner, singer songwriter, poet, actress, comic, sapiosexual, and super nerd depending on the day. She brings presence and leaves audiences thoroughly entertained with her version of spoken word, poetry, singing, comedy, and interpretive dance. Her debut EP, “Little Star” was released in March 2016 and has been well received locally and internationally. Whether performing as a solo act or with live musical accompaniment, Kai Love is certainly a crowd pleaser. She is also the host of the Eye Recite Open Mic Night, held every third Tuesday at Iona’s on the Blu in Blue Island, IL.