Scout & Birdie
Scout & Birdie

             My mom never found out what gender her babies were before they were born. But when she was pregnant with me she knew she had to because if I was a boy my older sister, Anna, who was in the second grade at the time, would have to be ready for three brothers in the house.

             She’d say,  ¨If this baby is another boy I am moving to Florida with Bubbie!”

             Lucky she didn't have to because I was a girl! She runs down the hall of the doctors office saying,

             ¨It’s a girl! It’s a girl!”

             I knew my sister was going to be my best friend because before I was even born she was excited and was waiting for me.

             I like to think when I was little I was Anna’s doll. She would dress me up and play with me. I would go everywhere with her. We would play dolls but I could never play with her beloved American Girl Doll or Beanie Babies. They were just too precious to her. I always wanted what my sister had. If she were to get a toy I was right behind her wanting it as well. I was so much like my sister that people would start calling me “Little Anna”. I remember one day going into school with my mom, Anna, and two older brothers. While walking in the janitor, Tommy, said to me while he opened the door for us, “How’s it going Little Anna??” I don't remember him calling me by my real name since.

             As I grew up Anna became less of a mother to me and more of a best friend. We would have Youtube viewing parties every Friday night. She would show me her favorite music videos which was Mika and Ingrid Michaelson at the time. This is where I learned my first swear word. Today we still listen to the same songs and reminisce about those times. She would give me advice on almost everything. Little things like what to wear or bigger things like growing up and being your own person. She would always say, “I went through an awkward phase when I was in middle school and you never did!” I thought this was funny because in middle school I always felt awkward. At least I didn't rock the layered t-shirt ponytail look every day like Anna did.

             Now that I am 17 and Anna is 24, we are still best friends but we both help each other out and get mutual advice. It is like when I was young and needed my sister now my sister needs me. She will text me or call to ask about work problems, relationship questions (even though I am not really an expert in that department), outfit issues, or anything under the sun. She will call me and just say, “Sadie, I am in a funk and don’t know what to do.” I will give her an answer almost like a prerecorded voice memo because she calls me saying that more than you would think. I will say, “Anna try making yourself a yummy lunch or go on a walk or clean your room.” She never did the last option. I will call her and tell her I am in a funk. Mostly because of friendships issues, body negativity, and stress. Lots of stress. She will always say the same thing as well, but still helps me every time. “Remember when I was in middle school and high school! I was so awkward. You are way cooler than I was.” I help her and she helps me.

             Even though my sister waited for me my sister was the friend I always needed.