Scout & Birdie
Scout & Birdie

Invocation # 1 – An Invitation
with gratitude to the words of Christina Pratt

We are having a skimmington
a short procession
pots and pans, filling the streets
hooting. And hollering.

we are taking the streets
calling in the spirits
calling in the ancient us
celebrating a hunt the night
before the hunt
for the sake of those who would not return

we are calling in the energy
they welcomed from loss.
orphaned, widowed, lonlied,
in their skins
we are calling to those who breathed in grief
because there was little else to do

Dark electricity
convulsive wailing,
beautiful crying

We are calling in those
who ran into the dark
matching the grief they saw
mirroring anguish
physical compassion
without ever having to say
they know. 

The lone sob
in the circle

We call on the neighbors
who baked lasangas and casseroles,
our fridges
museum store rooms
of gifts in stasis,
to be consumed when you are ready
but please return the dish
I thought I had an aluminum one
and that one is an heirloom.

We call on the water, a tide
Call. And response.
One. And two.
Breathe in. Now out.
Our old home,
First measure of seconds
Thought in, sound out
Bliss in, Jokes out.
Unknown in, making sense out

of hills and mountains
and fire,
the inherent strangeness of being.

Call in joy,
the beautiful fools,
the fools who lived well
and died well.

We are having a skimmington
a short procession,
jocular protest
against death.
pots and pans
don’t confuse us with noise.
is temporary.
In time
we are melody. 


When we are done for the day
we will thank all who came in
for “living as legends in their lives
so we can live as legends in ours”
and pray for the safe return
of casserole dishes.


About the artist...

Em Haverty (They/Them) is a performer, storyteller, and writer living in Chicago. Read more of their writing at