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Scout & Birdie

Picasso Is a People by Pablo Neruda

Written on the occasion of Picasso's ninetieth birthday, Paris, October 1971

In our Americas discoveries are made: on uninhabited islands or in irascible jungles suddenly, beneath the earth, one finds statues of gold, stone paintings, turquoise necklaces, gigantic heads, vestiges of countless unknown beings who are yet to be discovered and given names so that they may speak from their centuries of silence. 

If on one of our islands one were to find the multiple layers of Picasso, his monumental abstraction, his rock-hard creation, his precise jewels, his paintings of happiness and terror, the astonished archeologist would search long and hard for the inhabitants and the cultures that so productively accumulated such fabulous games and miracles. 

Picasso is an island. A continent peopled by Argonauts, Caribs, bulls, and oranges. Picasso is a people. In his heart the sun never sets. 


About the artist...

Jorge Silva is a humorist specializing in devisement and solo performance. After spending several years on the east coast - living in New England, New York, and DC - he is happy to be back in his native land, Chicago. Since moving back, he has had the privilege of presenting his work with The LIVINGroom, Pivot Arts, and Junior Varsity. Jorge also is a part of the Artistic Staff of the Goodman Theatre and can be seen next in the spring session of The Arrow at The Neo-Futurarium. Learn more about Jorge at