Scout & Birdie
Scout & Birdie


Eu vim pra te dizer:
"Eu sou o passado encarando você.
Bem aqui, enquanto você ri,
já saiba que eu não vou ficar."
Porque o momento é tão fugaz...
Hoje, aqui
Amanhã, não mais.

Não vai esquecer de mim


As luzes que vão apagar,
as fotos que eu vou apagar
Assumo: eu sumo.
As luzes que vão apagar,
nada fica no lugar.
É tudo.
É tudo...

Não vai esquecer de mim.


Você é um penhasco em que eu me arrisco a cair
Um fato consumado, não sou eu que escolhi
E quando tu me perdes, eu também me perco em mim
Quando eu fujo de ti,
eu também fujo de mim.

Não vai esquecer de mim.

English Translation

I came to tell you:
"I am the past staring at you.
Right here, while you laugh,
know already that I won’t stay.”
Because the moment is só fleeting...
Today, here
Tomorrow, no more.

Don’t you forget me
(or “You won’t forget me”)

The lights that will turn off
the photos that I will erase
I admit: I disappear
The photos that I will erase,
nothing stays in its place
That’s all.
That’s all…

Don’t you forget me
(or “You won’t forget me”)

You’re a cliff in which I take the risk to fall
A consumed fact, I didn’t choose it
And when you lose me, I, as well, lose myself inside of me
When I run away from you
I run away from myself too

Don’t you forget me (or “You won’t forget me”)


About the artist...

Olívia de Amores is a Brazilian singer, born in Manaus, a capital in the middle of Amazon Rainforest. After the experience of being a lead singer and songwriter in a rock power trio for 10 years, she decided to bring the guitar into a more intimate concept and talk more openly about feelings in a more personal way. She learned to make beats and studied more about synths, got along with a producer and is now recording a whole album by herself, named “Entre mim, entrementes". 
As a last move in this artistic transition, she gave herself a new identity, making an anagram out of her surname: “de Moraes” turned into “de Amores", which means “of Loves" in portuguese. Olívia de Moraes becomes Olívia de Amores.
Meet "Olívia of Loves".

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Olívia de Amores is available on all streaming platforms (Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Google play, Tidal and others).