Scout & Birdie
Scout & Birdie

My ego chases my love into the sun
Burning what I want most
Baby it's best you run

My heart's on fire within
Like a bug to a light
It'll draw you in

But be weary baby
Sunscreen your heart
Catching feelings as quick as I release them
Has become my art

Pretend not to love me
It's the only way
Let me ease into you
Keep my emotions at bay.


About the author...

Lauren O'Connell is a poetry lovin' Astrologer living in Chicago. Owner of The Modern Astrologer, Lauren loves taking the eye rolls out of Astrology with a fun, non "woo-woo" vibe. She describes herself as part Mystic, part Creative and part Basic Bitch with a never ending thirst to dabble in all of the things. One thing that remains constant throughout her ever changing interests is her affinity towards understanding the depths of people and learning their stories to inspire her work.
Also remains constant... the tune of Paul Simon's You Can Call Me Al in her head. 
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