Scout & Birdie
Scout & Birdie
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You keep it flowing because you know it must it must be flowing so you keep it you keep it so you keep it where it is not to move but to be kept from flowing so it can flow and never fall away always to flow out of the picture the one you keep the one you kept the flowing picture that is kept from the keeping kept from the leaping and at times weeping then sleeping the ups and downs of leaping and weeping always to be seen a picture to be seen never to be kept but please please try to keep what is not kept and protect it from those who steal it who make it their own who keep it for themselves keep it from them keep it from others whom we don’t know and can’t know because their energy is so frightening their demeanor at times in light scorching their light is scorching harnessed but never kept so keep that at least that at least the picture at least the flowing core of what we keep for ourselves s-so that no one can keep it keep that at least keep that that that that is there in us around us that only takes safe-keeping only this only to keep please do that do this this and that that that that right there that that that is there and always please at least always never keep just that just this right here right there right here right again left and right altogether only to step forward to keep it for safe-keeping please at least just at least do that for you please keep it then keep it from not being kept keep it for keeping keep it for safety for the sake of safety keep it for that kept inside kept in-side in safe in safety please then please just do that. Do that for you. Do that for me. Hear me say what I say for if I don’t say it the flow will break and it won’t be kept: keep it for this keep it for that whatever this is to that keep it.


In The Air

in the air, thrown in the air, floating away, then falling falling falling falling. back again, here it is, pick it up, throw it in the air, up in the air, in the air floating floating floating then falling falling falling. again. back again. pick it up, cycle is around, start again, throw it up, let it go, floating floating falling. pick it up. take it home. go home. go inside, go to bed, go back out, back outside, take it out, throw it up, floating away floating away, watch it go, watch it g—falling falling. back again. pick it up and take it home, take it out and back home, home and back out and back and out back and home then back out then back home out to the home that goes back out and in the back of the outside home. throw it up. watch it float away! floating floating floating away! … will it come back? … will it fall will it come back again will you pick it up will it go back home will it go up again will it float again? will it fall will it float will it go will it come will it be again will it be back again only to be back again? will it be again? will it be? … falling.


About the artist...

Shi-An Costello (世 安) is a writer, actor, musician and activist based in Chicago. Shi-An has written articles for FOCI Arts, chicshifter, NewMusicBox, has submitted live performance reviews to Performance Response Journal (PRJ) and Cacophony Magazine and has contributed poetry and prose to Riksha and Art Matters. As an actor, you can regularly find Shi-An at The Parlor at Colvin House. Shi-An has recorded two albums with Blue Griffin Records, and is a community organizer at A Just Chi of Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Chicago.